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Product Description

The Basic 4 System is a versatile economical monitor and control system that can be used in a variety of material handling and environmental control applications. It wil monitor and control the start-up and shut-down of conveyors, pumps, motors, gates, doors, fans, etc. by using virtually any low voltage on/off sensor.

The Basic 4 System cna be used in grain storage facilities, feed mills, green houses, poultry, swine, dairy and cattle operations, bakeries, chemical and steel plants, and other industrial operational facilities.

System has a stand along PLC interface, converts any analog signal to digital, monitors and controls temperature, position, liquid level, tilt switches. Low voltage (12 Volt DC) output to sensors.


*4 dry dcontact relay output
*Fiberglass NEMA 4X enclsure
*Can be used with other senors
*4 normal, 4 alarm LED status displays
*Viewing window to monitor status of LED indicators.


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