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Product Description

Maxi-Tronic has the industry leading contols, sensors, service and
experience to provide complete hazard monitoring and control
systems for your facility.
Maxi-Tronic belt misalignment sensors are ideal for bucket elevators,
belt conveyors, rotary drum, food processing and other material
handling equipment.
Maxi-Tronic RB Sensors in Action
RB Belt Misalignment Sensors are sensitive, reliable and
maintenance free.
Configurations available for many applications.
Rectangle sensor has integral junction box and 6” lead.
Round sensor has 1/2” NPT conduit fitting and 5’ lead.
“RB” Belt Misalignment Hazard Monitoring
Hazard Monitoring, Anytime, Anywhere.
Extremely rugged design
Fast reacting sensing elements
Easy installation and low maintenance
UL Listed Class II, Div 2 configuations available
No moving parts
Available spacers accomodate any casing thickness
Integral 1/2” NPT conduit fitting or junction box
www.maxitronic.com info@maxitronic.com
Maxi-Tronic Controls for RB Sensors:
MTDT24: 24 Thermocouple inputs, digital, 2 alarm relays.
HB/RB: 8 or 16 PTC inputs w/status indicators, 1 alarm relay.
SC4: 4 PTC Thermistor inputs with a relay output for each.
Basic4: 4 Temperature Switch inputs w/relay output for each.
Sensor Element Types :
Choose from the following industry standard sensor elements
to match your controller:
Thermocouple: Type “T” (Type “J” and others on request).
Use thermocouple extension wire (leadwire) when wiring.
RTD: Platinum PT100 type; 1mA max. Specify 2 or 3 wire.
PTC Thermistor: 130°F switching temperature, 100Ω @77°F.
10mA@12VDC max. Wire: 500’with 22AWG, 5000’ with 16AWG.
Temperature Switch: Switching temperatures available
include: 140°F, 160°F, 170°F with N/O or N/C contacts.
Rating: 125VA duty; 15A Inductive; 3FLA-12LRA@120VAC.

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