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Product Description

Heavy duty rubber belt offers excellent service in bucket elevators.  Our rubber belting meets and exceeds OSHA safety standards for static conductivity and MSHA standards for flame resistance.

Often used on elevator legs and conveyors in applications requiring resistance to mineral, animal, or vegetable fats. It is a good selection for grain conveyor applications and bucket elevators. Also used where equally thick covers permit the belt to be turned over for longer wear.

It is static conductive and MSHA approved for use where static charges must be held to minimums. Belt is also flame resistant. Excellent wear-resistant duty elevator belt with exceptional bolt retention ability. Covers provide excellent flex life, making it a good buy for tough elevator applications.

Belting available includes:

Rubber 220 SOR-SC-FR
Rubber 330 SOR-SC-FR
Rubber 440 SOR-SC-FR
Rubber 600 SOR-SC-FR
Rubber 800 SOR-SC-FR

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