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Product Description

The BOOT-LIFT® Railcar Connector installs between the rails to improve the unloading of railroad hopper cars. Dual air-over-hydraulic lift cylinders push the sponge seals securely to the hopper car unloading gates, to provide a clean transfer of material.
BOOT-LIFT® Railcar Connector improves efficiency and safety of your railcar unloading process.

No More Wind-Blown Material
Boot prevents material loss, air pollution, and contamination.

No More Crawling Under Railcars
Boots are automatically connected.

Maintains Seal Automatically
Connector rises as railcar empties.

Low Air Requirement
Unit uses only 10 cfm at 90 psi (28 l/min. at 6.2 bar).

Models To Suit Any Car
Including double- or single-pocket, round-opening and GATX. Adapter plates allow interchangeability. Custom engineering available.

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