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Product Description

Our Axial Fans give the highest airflow for the money!
Provide maximum airflow at lower static pressures.

Ideal for aeration and in-bin drying applications.

Galvanized housings resist rust.
Unique square end plates maintain the accurate roundness of the housing and give uniform support all around.

Blades are secured to the motor shaft with Trantorque bushings to ensure the most secure attachment, as well as serviceability.

All fans are available as 50 hz and other voltages to match worldwide requirements.
Exclusive, patented built-in venturi on 24″ and larger fans increases airflow.
12″ – 18″ fans are ideal for aeration applications where static pressure is less than 2″.

24″ – 28″ fans are ideal for grain drying at lower static pressures, as well as for pressure aeration.

3500 RPM motors have been specially engineered for Sukup’s high performance blades.

All blades are precision-balanced for vibration-free operation

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