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Product Description

Centrifugal Fans — First in Airflow, Flawless Performance.
The fan is the key to a successful drying or aeration system.

Fan wheels are statically and dynamically balanced for smooth, trouble-free operation.

Quiet operation provides a safer working environment.

Powder-coat painted, galvanized venturis are extremely rust and corrosion resistant.

Adjustable leveling legs on 3-20hp fans allow easy leveling and support while giving more flexibility to adjust to inconsistencies in concrete pads.

Double inlet fans are available on 30hp and larger 1750 RPM fans. The double-blade design blows away comparable single-blade fans in airflow and efficiency.

All fans are available as 50 hz and other voltages to meet worldwide requirements.

Exclusive lip on the fan outlet easily connects the fan to the heater or transition to form a tight air seal.

Quiet operation provides a safer working environment and less irritation for workers and surrounding residential areas.

Housings are made with heavy-duty, galvanized steel to resist rust and stand up to the elements.

Curved spun inlet venturis improve efficiency.

We also offer a full line of high speed (3500 RPM) centrifugal fans, which are ideal for deep grain depths, aerating small grains or anywhere that static pressure is high, as in commercial applications.

In-Line Fans feature a centrifugal fan wheel built into an axial housing and are ideal for higher static pressures.

We now offer 25 hp and 40 hp single inlet centrifugal fans.

25 hp single inlet fans are available with electric motor or direct engine drive.

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