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Product Description

Gatemster I, is a compact, simple to
use manual tool for hard to open gates.
Through multiple gear reducktion in the
Gatemaster head, the workers handle
effort is multiplied 18 1/2 times.
A maximum torque output of 3,200 ft/lbs
can be acheieved by only 173 lbs. of handle effort.
There is no loss of effort when using
Gatemaster. The output torque is sustained until the gate opens or the
operator releases the torque.
4020-05 Gatemaste I Assembly

Gatemaster II
Adding an “assistant” torquing unit to
the Gatemaster greatly reduces input
handle effort needed to achieve full
3,200 ft/lb ouput. Less worker fatigue.
The “assistant” units,s 1/2″ square
drive mates with the main Gatemaster
unit. Only 35 lbs. of input effort is
needed on handle.
4020-06 Gatemaster II Assembly


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