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Product Description

Insures accurate mixing of a wide array of products from fine powered materials to coarse dense ingredients.

Mixer designs are available in either mild steel or stainless steel construction, with special sanitary finishes to meet specific processing requirements.

New technological improvements lower batch cycle times from 90-120 seconds with a low coefficient of variation. these improvements include enhanced ribbon agiator designs and the HE tub design.

Six diffrent agiator designs available to meet custom mixing requirements.

Wide assortment of discharge gate options will meet all special handling needs.

Drive components are supplied with at least an AGMA Class II service rating. The inline parallel shaft reducer is supplied with a foot mount motor on a wall mount reducer base.  This reducer is supplied with a chain drive and oil bath OSHA guard. The shaft mount reducer drive is available in combination with a V-belt drive and OSHA guard.  An oil fluid coupling can be supplied with either drive system.

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