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Product Description

We offer the pulley lagging that you need.

Common Types:

  • Slide Lagging is bonded to rigid backing which is then formed to a specific diameter. Lagging can be used with or without retainers and is ideal for agriculture, food processing, power plants, feed and grain, and general industry. Lagging is replaceable at any time with little effort.
  • Rough Top is used for small diameter drive pulleys when wear is not a problem.  It gives excellent traction, without cutting grooves.
  • Grooved Lagging is used in many different applications.  Different groove patterns such as diamond, chevron, point all provide different benefits.
  • Edge Crown Lagging provides a crown on a flat faced pulley.

Ask about our custom lagging kits;  We cut your pulley lagging to precise measurements and provide custom retainers, installation bolts, lock nuts, allen wrench and drill bits.  Save time and money with no cutting and no waste.

We are your One Stop Shop.  Call us today for your custom lagging kit.

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