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Product Description

A Break Through to a New Level of Safety

MaxiTrack hazard monitoring goes beyond traditional Scan, Display, and Alarm functions — all temperature and motion sensor conditions and alarms are sent via radio to your PC.

You’ll put more people in the safety loop — with this easy-to-use interface for remote hazard monitoring of grain handling equipment. Alarm notifications include audible, e-mail, and cell-phone messaging with alarm details.

Take hazard monitoring to new heights with MaxiTrack Hazard Monitoring.

Hard-Wired or Wireless Radio Installation

  • Twisted Pair
  • 1W Radio Transceiver
    FHSS 900MHz Reliability
    Range up to 1 mile (L.O.S)


Data Archiving and Graphing

  • Maintains 1-Week Rolling History of Nominal Readings.
  • Permanent Archive of all Alarm Readings.
  • Internet Access to Current Data via Web Page

Remote Wireless Annunciator Display

  • Displays Current Conditions
  • Display Alarm Messages with Alert Tone
  • Low Cost Solution for Remote, Yet Important Locations.

EchoTrack Product details: EchoTrack

Flexible Notification Options:

  • Audible, Visual, Text Messaging (SMS), E-Mail, and EchoTrackTM.
  • Sends Alerts Based on Configurable Alarm Settings.
  • Internet Access to Current Data via Web Page.

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