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Product Description


Monitor Your Equipment, Anytime, Anywhere.

The MT400 Motion Controller is the most full-featured under speed monitor and control system for your material handling equipment. This early warning and control system provides superior
dual-set point protection for bucket elevators, conveyors, mechanical drives, and all rotating equipment.

MT400 in action:

  • Digital display shows percentage of full speed.
  • Highly visible status and alarm indicators.
  • Dual set point 10% and 20% slowdown alarms.
  • EZMount motion sensor for quick installation.
  • One step calibration.
  • Advanced start-up sequence.
  • Sensors available in EZMount™ or 1”-3.5” Ø
  • UL approved for Class II, Div 2, Groups E-F-G
  • 10% and 20% ALARM indicators
  • ARM indicator shows successful start up
  • TARGET indicator flashes as shaft rotates
  • No high voltage present at the rotating shaft
  • Non-metallic probe housing and rotating disc
  • Compatible with MaxiTrack™ remote monitoring


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