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Product Description

The Maxi-Tronic MaxiScan 12M Controller provides essential protection for elevators, conveyors, and other equipment in a compact and easy to use unit.


  • Underspeed Motion Controller
  • Bearing Sensors
  • Belt Misalignment
  • Plug Chute Indicator
  • Real Time Readings
  • Fully Password Protected
  • Magnetic Mounts for Easy Installation
  • Push-Button One-Step Motion Calibration
  • 10% & 20% Slowdown Relay Outputs
  • Integrated Hour Meter
  • Bearing and Belt Misalignment
  • 12 Individually Configured Inputs
  • 12 Output Relays with Both NO/NC Contacts
  • Accepts most types of sensors- Thermocouple, BeltTracker™, PTC Thermistor
  • Temperature Switch
  • Digital (1-Wire®)
  • CSA Class II Div 1 and Intrinsically Safe (Simple Apparatus) Sensors Available.

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