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Product Description

Use Portable Bulk Scale to improve mixing accuracy and to save time and labor. This unit features a 17 cubic foot capacity hopper set on a double beam scale that registers to 1000 pounds. The weigh buggy is made of 12 and 14 gauge steel and rides on large, rubber 10″ wheels and 6″ casters. The hopper has a quick gravity bottom discharge which is 10″ X 14″ and is controlled at the operator’s end. The unit is 30½” wide and 42″ high. The front height of the hopper is 32¾” and has a length of 41″. The Bulk Scale features a firm pushing handle and positive foot brake. The upper beam on the scale reads 100 lbs X 1 lb (metric reads 50 Kg x 200g). No part of the beam protrudes above the top of the hopper. A counterweight is included and installed. Bulk scales are NTEP certified.

Avoirupois: Stock No.: 864
Metric: Stock No.: 864M
Avoirupois/Metric: Stock No.: 864D

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