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Product Description

The Maxi-Tronic EZ521 Controller provides underspeed
detection for your bucket elevators, drag conveyors, screw
conveyors, and other rotating equipment.
This all-in-one unit has dual-setpoint 10% and 20%
slowdown relay outputs, status and alarm indicators,
target indicator, and tachometer or RS-485 data output.
EZ521 in action
Easy to install magnetically mounts or threads on to the
end of the rotating shaft. Quick one-step calibration.
All-in-One design with sensor, controller, housing,
conduit fitting, 6’ cable, and retaining strap in one
compact unit.
Supported by Maxi-Tronic world-class installation,
service, and technical support.

Maxi-Tronic EZ521 Motion Controller
Maxi-Tronic Motion Controllers have been the industry standard
since inventing the dual set-point under-speed motion controller
(patent #4282967) in 1981.
EZ521 has the most advanced features in the industry:
• 10% and 20% Slowdown Relays.
• Advanced start-up protection monitors for non-start,
slowdown while starting, and maximum
time-to-start conditions.
• Variable Start-up delay and 30 second maximum timeout.
• Easy one-step calibration and alarm/interlock testing.
• Status LED and Target LED rotation indicator.
• Tachometer pulse output option (NPN Sinking).
• MODBUS ASCII or Serial (MaxiTrack compatible) data output
options for PLC and PC interfacing.
• 12-24VDC and 12-240VAC/DC universal supply options.
• EZMount magnet or threaded shaft mounting options.
Supply Voltage: Data model: 12V-24V DC, 100mA
Tachometer model:
12V-240V AC/DC, 50/60Hz , 5VA
Wiring: 6-foot, 8 conductor, 20 AWG
Relays: (2) N/O, rated 5A at 240VAC (resistive)
Speed Range: 8-3600 PPM (pulse per minute)
Tachometer Out: 24VDC, 50mA max (NPN) load max
Serial Data: Out: % Speed via RS-485 (for MaxiTrack) or
MODBUS ASCII (DC model only)
Threads: 1/2”-13 threads on shaft
5/8” wrench flats
1/2” NPT Conduit fitting
Dimensions: 6 3/4”H x 2 1/2”W x 1 3/4”D
Magnetic Mount: 2-1/2” Dia x 3/4”H

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