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Product Description

When you need:

  • Full clean out

  • Horizontal in both directions
  • High angle

  • Top loading

  • Smooth operation

  • Minimum maintenance

  • The ability to convey more that one product at a time

  • Multiple inlets and discharges

  • Fewer moving parts

The Patented Sidewinder Belt Drag Conveyor is the most versatile drag conveyor on the market. By using a belt instead of a chain to move your product you will be reducing the amount of noise, vibration, and time consuming maintenance. One Sidewinder keeping two Roller Mills full of product

Two Sidewinders working at a sharp incline.

The Sidewinder Belt Draghas the ability to be laid out in several different manners. Below are some of the more common layouts. Each Sidewinder Belt Drag is designed to fit your specific application. To get a better view of these click on the one of your choice.

Round Bottom LayoutFlat or Round Bottom LayoutRound Bottom LayoutRound Bottom Layout

Originally designed to be used in conjunction with the Gentle RollGentle Roll the Sidewinder Belt Drag has become much more. It is being used to convey pellets from a pellet mill at more that a 40° angle. It supplies two roller mills with a continuous supply of product

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