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Product Description

Modular-sized 1/2″ thick polyethylene
pans fit snugly between and outside
rails of standard gauge track. Pans
have overlapping end flanges and are interconnected so spills can overflow
into adjoining pans. Each center pan
has a stormwater diverter head to keep
rain and snow form mixing with contaminated materials. Poly gaskets
seal the flangeways alongside each rail, to prevent drips from reaching the ballast. External piping can be
connected to the bottom of each center
pan and each side pan for pumping out
spills. Poly gratings fit into each
pan, providing structural strenght and
a walkway strong enough to support a
truck. Solid poly covers are placed over the gratings when the pans are not
in use. Each center pan cover features
a gasketed round hole to receive the
stormwater diverter, thus sealing off
rain and snow.
Pans are easily assembled with hand tools.
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