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Product Description

3 HP Stationary Railcar Gate Opener greatly reduces the safety risk associated with opening railcar hopper gates. This unit is an excellent solution for opening railcar hopper gates in a safe and efficient manner. The Railcar Gate Opener operates in electric or pneumatic, with the electrical model having a Class II, Group G, Explosion Proof rating.

Some of the features:

*Electric and Air Offered
*850 Foot Lbs. of torque
*Reduce lost time injuries
*Opens gates in less than 10 seconds
*Dependable in cold climates
*Handles unit trains with ease
*Swival base option to operate twin tracks
*Easy to install
*Installed base of over 25 years in industry

*3 HP, Class II, Group G, Explosion Proof
*100 to 1 gear reduction, direc coupled
*Reversible, 2G control buttons
*Operates on 6″ H-Beam
*Heavy Duty Trolley Base
*Shielded Telescoping Torque Tube and Universal Joint.

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