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Product Description

We are a stocking distributor for many brands of v-belts and and can assist you on drive design problems and V-Belt maintenance.

V-Belts and Synchronous (Timing Belts) are used to transmit power between two rotating shafts, transferring power from the driving source to the driven machine.

  • Classical A-B-C-D or Narrow 3V-5V-8V single belts, Polyband multiple-strand belts, lengths from 22″ to 660″
  • Belts are available in standard or cogged versions, double V (hex) belts, and are made of neoprene rubber with polyester cord and conform to RMA standards


  • Gold Ribbon Cog Belt
  • Super II V-Belt
  • Super Blue Ribbon V-Belt
  • Double Angle V-Belt
  • Dry Can Belt
  • Power-Wedge Cog-Belt
  • Synchro-Cog RPP Panther Beld
  • Synchro-Cog HT Belt
  • Super Power-Wedge V-Belt
  • Synchro-Cog Timing Belt
  • Synchro-Cog Dual Timing Belt
  • Durapower II FHP V-Belt
  • Gold Ribbon Cog-Band Belt
  • Wedge-band Raw Edge Cog-Band
  • Wedge-Band Wrap Type Banded V-Belt
  • Wedge-Band Chipper Drive V-Belts
  • Super Vee-Band
  • Varible Speed Cog Belt
  • Connector Belting
  • Thoro-Twist V-Belting
  • Many more available apun request

We are your One Stop Shop. Call us today for  belting needs.

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